Chapter 11: The Law Of Attraction: Brian Schnabel’s Robert Collier Secret Of The Ages Summary.

In this volume we discover that, “The Law Of Attraction,” is based heavily on providing service to others. What Collier is saying here (in his original work) is that if you give a little more effort than what you are paid for Universal Mind will send more of its gifts to you, expediting your path to success. The better value of service you give the more good comes back to you. However, “You cannot expect anything in return for the service that you give.”

We get what we give. But in order for this to work we need to be willing to give, “First.” Give value that is greater than what you already get in all areas of your life and you shall get back more than what you give.

“Yes!” Even giving more to folks who are your enemies and those who don’t appreciate you will still cause more good to flow to you through Universal Mind. However, regardless as to who you are giving to (friend or foe) make sure that all that you give is genuine.

If you have a good idea to offer, “Give it!” Hiding ideas from others for your own selfish gain will cause you to stem the flow coming from Universal Mind.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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