Chapter 8: The Law Of Supply: Volume 3: Robert Collier’s Secret Of The Ages Book Chapter Summary.

In this part of, “The Secret Of The Ages,” we find out from Robert Collier that all of us have great reserves of energy stored in our bodies, which is why we often get a second wind when feeling tired. However, just as one must make an effort to reach their second wind one must also make an assertive effort to have, “The Law Of Supply,” manifest itself in their reality.

Collier makes it very clear that the world certainly does owe us everything we desire from it. He tells us that, like the animals in nature, we too can get more out of the world we live in if we would just give up worry and replace it with more industriousness on a mental and physical level.

The Law Of Supply can only be activated when one has the end result already in mind, “Before consciously dwelling upon the solution to a problem!” Otherwise there is no hope of resolving anything at all. If there’s no image of a desired solution in our mind before we dwell upon a problem then all we are doing is taking a stroll down Memory Lane.

What exactly is, “The Law Of Supply?” It is that we must think feel and see abundance. All ideas for wealth, better health and good fortune are inside us. Wealth is not something we can go out into the world and get. It has to come from within. So, “Yeah,” ideas are the tools that “supply” us with all that we need to move towards greater achievement.

If what we want is beneficial to ourselves and others it is attainable. However, if we believe in lack we will have lack. The good stuff is all around you. So, all you need to do is ask Universal Mind for the things you need and they will be “supplied” to you.

Opportunity is always present and limitless. Therefore, Robert says that we don’t have to be limited to doing just one job or one line of work. Having been given dominion over all the earth by God means, “We can do whatever we want to do!”

We can change from one line of work to another if need be. But there are three things we should look for in any work we do for an employer. The job we take should pay enough to cover our bills in the present, bring us the kind of knowledge that will help us to advance towards greater success in the future and put us in touch with the kinds of people who will be able to help us move ahead.

If what you are doing no longer teaches you anything it is time for you to move ahead. If you cannot move ahead under your current employer, “It’s time to find a higher position working for a new boss.”

Is money something you need? What if I were to tell you that Money is something that needs you more than you need it? “Why?” This is because money all by itself is worthless. It is only the services, products and ideas it can be exchanged for that give it any monetary value at all.

Some feel that money is only properly being used when it brings good things to other people and us. Now there’s something you just don’t hear every day, “Right?”

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