Chapter 3: The Primal Cause: Volume 2: Robert Collier’s Secret Of The Ages Book Chapter Summary.

In this volume of Robert Collier’s book, “The Secret Of The Ages,” we are informed that the life force which makes all things possible is, “Mind.” Thought is the energy of Universal Mind or, “The Life Principle.”

There is nothing on earth that didn’t start out in the form of a thought. Life is nothing more than energy (electric in nature) which can be shaped and manifested through the usage of mind.

All matter is the same at the level of Atoms. The materials and elements found all around us are made up through different arrangements of components found within these atoms. Therefore, through thought, it is felt that things can be transformed.

The Life Principle, or Universal Mind, dwells within all of us. Therefore we can tap into this all knowing force, which is responsible for the growth of plants, water, wind, fire and all else that we see around us. It is always there. We need only call upon it to do our bidding. We are told here that this can be achieved by consciously focusing our mind upon the thing we most ardently desire.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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