Chapter 4: Desire; The First Law Of Gain: Volume 2: Robert Collier’s Secret Of The Ages Book Chapter Summary.

If it is right for us to have; we have the right to ask for what we desire and can expect to receive it. However, we need to have an unobstructed vision in our mind’s eye of what it is that we want.

Through visualization and affirmation (prayer) we can have externally that which we can internally clearly see ourselves having. It begins with focusing our conscious mind upon what we have. This obsession like focus is then handed off, images and all, to the subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind has our images and affirmations impressed firmly upon it, Universal Mind goes to work from there.

It has been written in the Bible that, “The kingdom of Heaven is within you.” Mr. Collier assures us that this Kingdom of Heaven is Universal Mind.

However, without desire combine with a strong belief that we can have what we are asking for, “We are lost.” Our goals will not be achieved. Our deepest desires will remain pipe dreams. Our efforts will amount to nothing. All because we didn’t believe that what we were working towards could be attained.

If you want more love, financial success or grater health in your life you can have it. However, the level of success experienced in achieving anything depends upon the level of desire and strength of faith you have in your ability to turn a want into reality.

However, because all that you wish to have manifested in your external environment starts with thought; you must be able to see yourself as lovable, financially successful, or in excellent health, in your mind’s eye, “First!” “Yes!” All that you wish to see about you must start from within you, as you work at making one desire into reality at a time.

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