Chapter 5: Aladdin And Company: Volume 3: Robert Collier’s Secret Of The Age’s Book Chapter Summary.

Mr. Collier tells us in his original work that, unless we are applying universal principles, the amount of hard work we put into achieving something isn’t going to guarantee that we’ll successfully accomplish what we set out to do. This is because ignoring Universal Principles, while attempting to achieve our aims in life, is like trying to work a math problem without using the formula.

Robert then goes on to explain that it is Universal Mind that governs your life and not circumstance. Our minds are a part of this Universal Mind, known to some as, “God.” This means that we all have the same power as Universal Mind. We just have it in smaller quantities. We are the sawdust that was once part of the two by four otherwise known as Universal Mind.

We can do any right thing if we first construct a mental image of what it is that we are after. Since it is thought that is the connecting energy between our conscious mind and Universal Mind; we can impress our desires upon Universal Mind through intense visualization. Our subconscious mind acts as the go-between in this process.

Visualizing the steps required to accomplish something is unnecessary because Universal Mind already knows how to bring things about. You just need to focus upon what it is that you are attempting to achieve as if you’ve already achieved it; how things will look, feel, sound, smell, etcetera.

Can you call upon Universal Mind to solve problems you cannot think of ways to handle on your own? “Most definitely!” You just need to get in the habit of asking Universal Mind for assistance.

You can do this simply by talking to Universal Mind as if it were one of your employees, or even a business partner. Explain to it clearly what your problem is; focusing intensely upon the situation you are attempting to resolve, before letting it go. Eventually, a solution will come to you but, “Only if you believe it will come.” Also, because the subconscious mind is like a storehouse of all that we’ve experienced, we can ask that a long-forgotten memory be retrieved in the same fashion.

Did you know that you can also resolve problems by focusing upon all the facts surrounding them, just before dropping off to sleep? If you practice doing this enough you will become a natural at waking up in the morning with solutions!

I’ve personally done this several times in my life and have found it to be quite effective. Pretty cool, “Don’t you think?”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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