Chapter 2: The Genie Of Your Mind: Volume 1: Robert Collier’s Secret Of The Ages Book Chapter Summary.

“The Life Principle,” is also the same thing that some would refer to as, “Universal Intelligence.” It is for this reason that we can communicate on a telepathic level and are able to sense when things aren’t right, which some would call a, “Sixth Sense.”

The Life Principle is always there waiting to be called upon on both a physical and psychological level. Therefore, should we call upon it; we can pretty much do whatever we want in life. “How?” By focusing our minds entirely upon the things we most ardently desire to accomplish, “One at a time.”

In the second part of this volume; Robert Collier informs us that we are now in an age when those who often come out on top do so by making the most of their mental faculties. He tells us in so many words that this is because, “Mind is all that counts.” However, that doesn’t mean that one must be a genius (as geniuses are portrayed currently) to be happy, successful and healthy. In fact, we are told here that happiness, health and wealth in all areas of our lives can be accomplished by any of us who are willing to explore the unplumbed depths of our minds.

It is the human body that is the servant of mind and not the other way around. The conscious mind controls our body to some extent and is responsible for things like taste, smell, touch hearing and sight. However, the conscious mind only makes up about ten percent of our mental capacity. Much of even our known mental processes are controlled by the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is what has dominion over all of your voluntary actions. It enables you to discern wrong from right, manage your interactions with other people and plan for upcoming events. I’m pretty sure you get the picture as to where this is going. However, keep in mind as you read on that it is the conscious mind which can also fall victim to fear and worry. Things like changing routines or just sticking with the same old thing are credited to the realm of conscious thought, as well.

All that I’ve just mentioned is important because it is the conscious mind that is the gate keeper to the subconscious mind and beyond. Even though the conscious mind uses so little of our full brain capacity, it is the part that our subconscious depends upon for receiving all of its impressions. The subconscious mind also needs direction from the conscious mind in order for it to work in a manner that will yield positive results.

The subconscious mind is the part of our brain that is responsible for all of our bodies involuntary functions; waste management, breathing, heartbeat, etcetera. However, beyond not requiring eyes to see, it is believed by a growing number of people that the subconscious mind can send and receive messages without physical means. Some folks refer to the subconscious mind as, “The Man Inside.” However, it is said by some to exist in both mind and body, while acting as a liaison between both our conscious and Universal Mind.

Universal Mind, Super Conscious and Akashic Record all refer to the same thing. It is the intelligent all-knowing life force that was discussed at the beginning of this volume. In short; it is the, “Book Of Life,” that our subconscious mind draws upon when it doesn’t have enough information to help us move in the direction we desire.

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