Chapter 27: How To Banish The Boredom: Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Book Chapter Summary.

Mr. Carnegie tells us in Chapter 27 of, “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living,” that boredom with work can make us tired. There have been studies conducted which show that the body’s metabolism will actually slow down if we are not interested in what we are doing. We even begin to take in less oxygen and feel sleepy as an end result. Yet the same studies show that if we are interested in what we do we will feel awake and alive. The body’s metabolism speeds up and we are raring to go!

Mr. Carnegie tells us that even if the work we do is mostly mental we can still feel fatigued by the amount of work we are not doing. Constant interruptions, broken appointments, etcetera, can leave us feeling wiped out. This is generally because the events just mentioned are taking our focus off of what we really want to do.

However, Dale tells us that by giving ourselves a pep talk every morning we can begin to change our attitudes. Since much of what we feel is based on our emotional state of mind; talking positively to ourselves at the start of our day can really make a world of difference.

If one gets up in the morning and picks on themselves, telling themselves how worthless and stupid they are, their day is pretty much going to suck (for lack of a better way to put it). So, in a nutshell; if you start off negative (unless you work to turn things around) the rest of your day is likely to be negative, too. But if you start off positive then things will go better for you and fatigue will be considerably less at the end of your day.

Even if you are going to a job that you can’t stand; Dale tells us that we can still find ways to make it interesting if we really want to. We can start out by at least acting as though we really like the job we are doing. Besides, if truth be told, even the jobs we hate still provide us with positive benefits. So there really isn’t any reason we shouldn’t look to take a more positive approach to the work we are currently doing, no matter how much we loathe doing it.

In fact, drawing the job we really want into our reality just might be as simple as tricking ourselves into being cheerful about our work. Now that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Author: Brian Schnabel

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