Chapter 25: How To Avoid Fatigue And Keep Looking Young: Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Book Chapter Summary.

Dale starts Chapter 25 of, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living,” by talking about a class in Applied Psychology that was started in Boston by a psychologist. This psychologist recognized that some people suffered from all the symptoms of illnesses they really didn’t have. This man knew that checking them over, finding nothing wrong with them and then sending them home, telling them to forget about what they were feeling was not the answer.

Dale explains that this Psychologist knew the people who came to his class (which was really more like a clinic) were suffering physically from things like arthritis, fatigue and even exhibiting symptoms of non-existent stomach cancer, plus other conditions. But he also knew that these folks didn’t really want to feel this pain. To them it was real but he also understood that their trouble stemmed from psychological issues.

Dale tells us that the clinic was a great success when this psychologist started it back in 1930, even though other psychologists thought for certain it was going to be a failure. Instead this class of sorts in Applied Psychology turned out to be a great success. It helped thousands of people lose the pains and such that they were experiencing and live much happier lives.

Why were so many people helped through this class/clinic? They were helped because of one of the key elements of Psycho Analysis, “Words!” Mr. Carnegie writes that tension, anxiety, in short, “Worry,” is relieved when people can talk out their problems to someone they can trust. Keeping everything inside tends to build up negative feelings. But if we have someone we can talk things out with, getting the perspective of another human being about our troubles, it helps us to lose the stress about the issues we face. Talking to someone else also helps us to see things for what they are because we are now verbalizing and listening to what is coming out of our own mouth as we’re talking. Yes, we already know what we are going to say before we say it but when you talk something out it takes on a different quality that can make things a bit easier to work through.

Other things that came out of the clinic/class that were found to be useful to people were things like carrying a notebook filled with prayers, poems and other sayings, etcetera. This was because they found what they had put there was uplifting to them whenever they read these things to themselves, especially when they started feeling down.

Not dwelling upon the short comings of other people for too long was another thing that was found to be helpful to many people who attended this clinic. If you find yourself doing this a lot; one way of stopping yourself from focusing on a person’s negative points is to write a list of their positive points, after asking yourself what your life would be like without them in it. Can you truly do without them or do their good points out way their bad ones?

Other suggestions that really worked well for folks included; getting interested in other people’s lives, Making up a schedule of the work that needs to be done the next day before going to bed at night and keeping focused on staying relaxed.

If you want to keep your good looks for life following some of the above suggestions might be a good motivation for you. Dale says in so many words that anger and stress tend to rapidly deteriorate the image of beauty and vitality of those who permit these negative emotions to dominate their worlds.

It’s as simple as this. Live happy! Look happy! Look young! If you want to look good, feel better and happier, the formulas for doing that are here at hand for you to do with as you choose.

Personally; I choose looking youthful over ancient any day of the week! How about you?

Author: Brian Schnabel

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