Chapter 21: Do This And Criticism Can’t Hurt You: Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Book Chapter Summary.

Is someone going around telling people nasty stuff about you? Maybe they are writing false truths about you in the local paper, on Facebook, Twitter or their own personal blog! Does it matter? How is it really affecting your life?

Dale Carnegie tells us in Chapter 21 of, “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living,” that most people would be more disturbed by the fact that they have a headache than if they were to see our names in the obituary section of the newspaper. In short; most people just don’t care what is said about us. They think more of themselves morning, noon and night than anyone else.

Dale tells us a good sense of humor is very helpful in dealing with criticism. If you make up your mind not to let it bother you, perhaps even decide to have a little fun with it, “It’s just not going to have the desired effect that the one making the criticism hoped for.”

If you get bent out of shape over it, or look for ways to get even with people for the mean things they say to you; Dale pretty much tells us that we are playing right into their hands and will only end up embarrassing ourselves. Sometimes rolling with the punches is a better defense than trying to block or deflect them!

True, there is the odd case where the falseness of what someone says about you may impact your relationships and even your livelihood. But for the most part; the risk of things said about you having an impact on your life in a negative way is minimal!

So, “What say you?” Are you going to get upset over what other people (who really don’t have any place in your life) say? Or, are you just going to focus on the good people around you and let the rest go?

Personally; I choose to focus on good and not waste the time stressing over the bad that is said about me. That’s kind of like wasting good! What do you think?

Author: Brian Schnabel

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