Chapter 18: How To Cure Depression In 14 Days: Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Book Chapter Summary.

Are you feeling a bit blue? Are you feeling like the walls are closing in around you, everyone hates you and that you might as well exist on a diet of worms? In short; are you feeling depressed?

Dale Carnegie tells us in Chapter 18 of, “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living,” that there is something you can do about it if you really want to! He explains that some therapists and psychiatrists make an excellent recommendation to some of their patients. They suggest that their patients start thinking of ways to do pleasing things for other people to take the focus off of themselves and how miserable they are. Now, Dale isn’t saying that this will work in every single case of depression. But it certainly may help the average person who is just feeling a bit down and out.

It should be pointed out here, too, that no text should ever be used as a substitute for a therapist or other licensed professional. If you are feeling that depressed where you are thinking of, or, are already planning to take your own life than you need to put this book down, “Now,” and reach out for help through the appropriate channels. Calling your local hospital would be a good start if you aren’t sure of where else to turn. They should be able to steer you in the right direction in helping you to determine what course of action is best in your particular situation.

Now, having said all that, helping or doing things to please other people doesn’t mean that you have to put yourself out to do it. It’s not something that you even really need to spend money to do. It could be something as simple as calling someone up to find out how they are doing (people love it when you take an interest in what is going on in their world) or just dropping someone a note to say hello; letting them know you were thinking of them. I think you get the idea. But if you put your mind to it there are a lot of things you could do to cheer someone else up. The really cool part about doing this is that in helping someone else you actually start to feel better, too.

Dale Carnegie tells us that in some circles of the mental health profession; it is felt that it is those who do not think of others too often that have the most difficulty. They become so self-absorbed that when they start feeling down about themselves it’s hard for them to snap out of it because of their self-centered focus. They don’t see what the point is of doing for others because they don’t understand what the benefits of this kind of behavior are for them.

If you are good to others then you can’t help but be good to yourself. If you take an interest in others, it helps you not only forget about yourself and your troubles. You get to see the world from other people’s perspective. This can prove to be pretty useful when you are looking to change your own views and position in life.

So, what can you do for someone else today? Don’t think this will work? Try it out! You just might experience the surprise and thrill of your life that only doing good for other people can bring!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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