Chapter 8: A Law That Will Outlaw Many Of Your Worries: Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Book Chapter Summary.

Have you ever stopped to consider what you worry about based upon averages? If you look at the statistics on some of the things people are most fearful of; you would be amazed to find how unlikely it is that these things will actually happen to them. But upon hearing these folks talk about their fears; you would think their worst nightmares happen to the people around us all of the time.

In Chapter 8 of, “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living,” Some of the unlikely things that Dale Carnegie talks about people fearing having happen to them are things like; acquiring certain types of diseases, injury from an auto accident at very slow speeds and being struck by lightning. But many people are fearful of these things and panic when faced with situations where these types of events appear to be threatening their personal well-being.

Mr. Carnegie tells us that it is felt in circles of the health care profession; something like ninety percent of the things people worry about are the product of our imaginations. This is because when you sit down to research the likelihood of a certain something bad happening to you the Law Of Averages kicks in; showing the true reality and remote possibility of such a thing ever happening to an individual. Many times that pretty much means that it’s not really likely to happen at all. This is especially true when you stop to consider the number of people that live on the face of the planet.

Mr. Carnegie tells us that the United States Military teaches soldiers not to fear death in certain situations based on the law of averages. “Yes,” the military actually can provide our troops with exact figures on this kind of stuff.

He also talks about how insurance companies are actually betting you that certain things won’t happen, which is how they stay in business. Dale tells us that it is true that they are providing us insurance coverage in case of a disaster happening. But insurance companies are really taking our money from us based on our fears of certain things. However, the reality is that there is only a small likely hood they will ever have to give any of our money back. This is because our fear will not become reality in most cases.

So, perhaps, in addition to their health and emotional well-being; Maybe it’s time people actually started asking themselves how much their concern over the little, “What ifs,” in life are costing them out of pocket on a monthly basis, ha? Is it possible you are paying extra money for things you don’t really need to insure (and I’m not talking about the stuff the law requires us to insure either) based on your own worries?

Author: Brian Schnabel

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