Introduction: How This Book Was Written And Why: Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Book Chapter Summary .

In the beginning of, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living,” the author, Dale Carnegie, explains to us that it was his experience in New York City in 1909 that drove him to write a book about worry and how to handle it. Mr. Carnegie tells us that he was unhappy in his work, was less than pleased with his lifestyle and really felt he could do without the feelings of ill health, which were created by the stress of his situation.

He felt that the dreams he had during his college years were nothing short of nightmares at that point. Mr. Carnegie plainly states that he was feeling resentment, bitterness and disappointment because of where he found himself in life.

So what’s a guy in that position to do? Well… Dale Carnegie thought things over and decided to make a change!

He quit the job he didn’t like, which was selling trucks, and decided to teach adult classes. This career path change was something, after all, that his college education had qualified him for.

But, Dale Carnegie really didn’t want to just teach. He wanted to write books. He knew he needed to have a way of supporting himself though.

His thinking was that he could teach at night and write during the day. He considered what courses he would be best suited to teach to adults and settled upon teaching Public Speaking. His feeling was that out of all the college training he had received, from the State Teacher’s College in Warrensburg Missouri, what he had been taught about public speaking would be the most useful to other adults.

Why did he think this? Well, the answer seemed to be pretty simple to him. Public Speaking would be the most useful thing he could teach other adults because he had noticed that power and leadership came most easily to those people who could stand up and, with confidence, come right out and say what was on their mind.

Having left the job he loathed; Dale Carnegie landed himself a new job that was a bit of a challenge for him as a teacher. This was because he needed to be able to produce positive results in the classroom that his employers could see.

Where was this new and challenging job? It was at YMCA night schools where he was teaching Public Speaking classes!

While working for the YMCA as a teacher; Mr. Carnegie wasn’t just dealing with adults who wanted to learn how to speak publically. Dale tells us that they were in these classes because they wanted to solve their life problems.

Dale tells us here in his book, “How to Stop Worrying and Start living,” that he was teaching classes to folks who wanted to be able to stand up at a company meeting and talk without feeling like they were going to pass out on the floor. The people taking his classes wanted to be able to make sales calls on customers without feeling like they had to take a few trips around the block first just to get up the courage to do it. He was helping people to be more self-confident and think better about themselves. The beauty part is that Dale enjoyed the work, despite the fact that he wasn’t getting paid what he wanted at first.

“True!” There was the fact that if he didn’t inspire people to keep coming back for his classes he wouldn’t get paid. This was because his students were paying the YMCA (his employer) monthly installments and could stop coming at any time; if they weren’t satisfied with the classes Mr. Carnegie was teaching. However, he kept right on doing what he was doing and, over time, his pay increased six times the amount he first received at the start of his employment.

In addition; Dale Carnegie figured out through his teaching job that the people he was working with could stand to benefit from more than just a public speaking class. He discovered that his students could do with some instruction on how to Win friends and influence people. So he started teaching other classes at the YMCA on that topic. In addition to that; he wrote a book entitled, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” that was to be used as a suitable book for teaching people about human relations.

He tells us in, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living,” that he wrote, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” because he couldn’t find a suitable text book on the topic of how to manage relationships with other people during that time. He then expresses the surprise that he felt when the sales for, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” soared. He felt he was probably the most genuinely surprised author on earth at the time because he really only meant for the book to be sold in conjunction with the night classes he was teaching. “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” was born out of the experiences of the adults who took his Public Speaking classes.

However, Mr. Carnegie had students in his classes, from all walks of life, that he felt could benefit from published works containing a few more principles that he was already teaching.

So, after Dale Carnegie had written, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” he felt he needed to write one more book that would help his students. Do you care to guess which book that would be?

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